Teresa is initially irritated, but soon grows fond of her. Rafaela (ラファエラ, Rafaera?) She's often seen wandering off on her own or sticking close by Isley's side. Isley says that Raki should "keep her (Priscilla) company for a while". He appears after the 7 year time skip and helps Miata and Clarice evade some guards. He has existed for over seventy-eight generations of Claymores, so he is very skilled in swordsmanship. After returning to the organization, the organization promoted her rank to #7. She was so formidable that she could fight with her yoki entirely hidden. She has the strength to easily kill Yoma with her bare hands and she has heightened senses, described as a "sixth sense", which allows her to fight instinctively and detect the strength of others without relying on the need to sense Yoki. Riful has stated that she made Dauf her lover because he is the only Yoma who could "accept her without breaking". Jean caption The series is set in a medieval like world where humans coexist with creatures called Yoma sentient monsters that feed on human innards, a nameless and highly secretive organization has created an order of half-human, half-yoma warriors to protect humans from the yoma, for a large fee. She believes that the landmass that they live on is simply an island used as an experimentation ground to perfect a controlled Awakened Being. His speed easily matched that of Miria, one of the fastest Claymores of her generation, and his greater Yoki allowed him to maintain it without tiring. In the history of the Organization, there have only been three known cases of Rank #1 warriors Awakening. Claymore Though Alicia and Beth are a considered success, Miria states that they would not be viable in a real war due to the fact that Beth is too vulnerable. By chance, the three of them decided to settle in different parts of the country - one in the West, one in the North, and one in the South. nickname [3] Clare becomes the only person to volunteer to join the Claymores[4] and the first hybrid with 1/4 Yoma blood instead of the normal 1/2. Then, she tells Beth she has no interest in fighting her stating that "I finally came here today, after this long struggle following the remaining weak smell of that man." Claymore Priscilla became a Claymore after a Yoma posing as her father slaughtered the rest of her family right before her eyes. Before Alicia could kill her, Beth's Awakening and fight against Priscilla caused Alicia to abandon Riful and assist her sister, although she was killed in the process. Alicia the Black (黒のアリシア, kuro no Arishia?) He returned a short time later, however, to smash Priscilla into the ground, actually able to illicit a cry of pain from her. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. The original Japanese Claymore name derives from either the French feminine first name "Claire" (French for "clear" or "light"), or the Anglo-Irish last name "Clare" (deriving either from Latin clarus, meaning "famous" or "bright," or the English town, Clare). As the second barrage of parasitic spears deploys, Priscilla appears to the three warriors, her target being Clare herself. They are meant to combat the Abyssal Ones, which includes Luciela, who along with her sister, Rafaela, were the first attempt to perfect the controlled awakening. He appears brash, arrogant and short tempered early on in the story. In their first fight against three male Awakened Ones, her strategic capabilities were even recognized by one of the Awakened Ones. He and Sid later aid her in the fight against the powerful Yoma that she came to the city to slay. Raki also cares very deeply for Clare, and protects her without hesitation from anyone; even another Claymore. After the seven year time skip, Priscilla reappears as Raki's traveling companion, having been exiled by Isley to keep them safe from the Abyss Feeders chasing him. series uk:Список персонажів Claymore Raki carries a holy sword given to him by Galk and uses the sword in an attempt to protect Clare. Due to having Loads and Loads of Characters, be warned of spoilers. His control over this skill was so great he could bend and change the trajectory of his elongated claws, allowing him to strike opponents above or behind him. ), known as the "White Silver King" because of his silver hair, he was a former number one Claymore of his generation.He became the Abyssal One of the Northern lands and when he defeated Luciela he became abyssal one of the southern lands. Smiling Teresa), known for effortlessly slaying enemies with a faint smile on her face, is the strongest of her generation and considered to be the most powerful Claymore of all time. ), the series' protagonist, is a distant and quiet Claymore, with an occasional impulsive side. [26] She is much faster, stronger, and more agile than those below her, but her real strength is considered to be her "unparalleled ability to sense Yoma aura." The word is typically not used by the Claymores themselve… series Deneve 16. Rafaela lost an eye, which she decided not to regenerate, and became stripped of her rank because her "weak heart" caused the experiment to fail. After Miria realized it was Hilda she had just killed, she temporarily lost control of her Yoki powers which led her to partially Awaken. They can obtain higher ranks as they become stronger, but when they are surpassed by other Claymores, they will be demoted. She eventually meets Clare, who decides to start following Teresa after being abandoned by her village. caption They have been taught that in the case of 6 or more Abyss feeders being killed for the remaining ones to retreat to the organization though to stop Isley killing them all they split up in separate directions. Alicia then reverts to her Awakened form and she and Beth team up to fight Priscilla. They are part of an experiment to allow for a Claymore to fully awaken while retaining their humanity. Eventually, her presence there was discovered by Galatea, who suppressed her Yoki to hide from the Claymore organization. Ophelia instead ripped it apart, condemning her to become an Awakened Being. is Claymore eleven of Clare's generation, who is noted for her brash and aggressive nature. Galatea introduces Riful, "Claymore" Volume 8, Scene 45. After being attacked by Priscilla, the conjoined form is revealed to be an exoskeleton, and its true form is revealed to be a dark mass that devours anything it encounters. series It has remained short ever since. Claymore It is about female warriors called Claymores (named after the swords they wield) who are tasked … With one quick motion of her hand, Priscilla decapitates Alicia. Teresa was ultimately killed by Priscilla along with former number 4 and 5, Noel and Sophia. In addition to maturing physically, his skills and confidence have increased dramatically as he easily defeats a Yoma and displays remarkable reflexes and speed. Spoken in fearful whispers, the word "Yoma" cuts a clear image into the minds of all: monstrous beings with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Teresa, after at first trying to get rid of Clare, eventually lets her travel with her, and the two became attached. Within Rafaela's mind, Clare briefly relives the events of seven years ago. Fortunately, all three were, at least initially, extremely reclusive, maintaining minimal contact with humans and Claymores. Norihiro Yagi ), known as the blood-soaked warrior (血塗られた凶戦士, chinurareta kyōsenshi? After leaving Clare in a village in an attempt to give her a normal life, bandits raid the village. creator Raki is shown wearing Claymore-like armour and wielding a massive broadsword. Riful calls this technique a "strong sword". series [1] The yoma is killed by Teresa. After eating Isley, they are used as guides in the organizations attack on Riful to help Alicia and Beth find her using a piece of Riful sliced off by the Clare's squad in their last encounter with Riful as a way for the Abyss feeders to track her. Motoki Takagi (Japanese)Todd Haberkorn (English) Years later, Miria stumbled across Hilda's sword, which Hilda had lost when she had Awakened. series Animation Claymore came out in 2007. Although Jean dies from fatal wounds, Jean in the end helped restore Clare to her regular form and Priscilla was left alive. [2] The presence of a caring human in her life helps Teresa regain her lost happiness and humanity. She is a division captain during the Northern Campaign, overseeing Clare and several others. Clare (クレア, Kurea?) His awakened form resembles a large, sleek, black centaur. 1 warrior awakening. Priscilla was Claymore No. series is Claymore five of Clare's generation and the former number two of her own generation. is the current generation's #9 . Claymore Out of a sense of debt to the duo, she decides to stick with Helen and Deneve and warns them of the abyss feeders and developments in the South and explains everything about the Abyss Feeders and how they target the Abyssal Ones. Before becoming a Claymore, she was referred to as a "problem child" by her handlers during her training.[27]. Jean Norihiro Yagi You can support aniSearch by completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with further details. She is initially polite towards people, but after her "fun" is ruined, she switches to a very harsh tone. Hilda was formerly number 6 of the Organization. The Claymore anime series is based on the manga series of the same name by Norihiro Yagi.The episodes are directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Madhouse Studios. Clare fails, but before Priscilla kills Clare, she tells Clare that she does not remember her or understands the reason for pursuing Clare's scent. They were rescued by the surviving Claymores from seven years ago. creator Characters & Voice Actors. Soon after that, he is apparently captured by slave traders and sent to the North. Teresa of the Faint Smile (微笑のテレサ, bishō no Teresa?, lit. She is able to use it more often due to her flexible arms. He leads the attack on the Former Number 2 awakened being Agatha that suddenly appears a short while after. is the series' protagonist. caption nickname Norihiro Yagi With this new technique she's also able to achieve more precise movements. She later finds that she has the strength to easily dispatch higher ranking Claymores and awakened beings, and she can throw her sword accurately over long distances. [7], Clare partially awakens during her fight in the holy city of Rabona, but is able to revert to her human state with Raki's help. Her lower body is an immense mass of such strips, which are incredibly resilient and capable of lashing out at high speeds to ensnare or impale her opponents. After being torn in half by the Destroyer, she allows herself to be assimilated into it and manipulates it into attacking Priscilla. Claymore She is then saved by the intervention of Helen and Deneve. Each Claymore is identified by a unique symbol which is found on their clothing and sword. Komina Matsushita (Japanese)Colleen Clinkenbeard (English). After the battle with Agatha, Father Vincent helps bandage the wounded. Agatha (アガサ, Agasa?) According to Irena, this made her a perfect candidate for fighting Teresa, as Teresa's greatest strength was her ability to sense Yoma energy. During the northern campaign, she comes to respect Undine, whose true nature she manages to deduce. She was able to defeat the normal Claymores sent against her easily, without killing them, but has trouble with the new twins recruits, created as a future replacement to Alicia and Beth. Ophelia's special fighting technique is "rippling" her sword by waving it back and forth at great speed. Claymore She has decided to stay in Rabona with Miria while the others temporarily leave. series Priscilla Being far smaller in stature than the average Awakened being, Rigaldo relied more on his correspondingly superior speed and agility in battle. He allows Miria, Tabitha, Miata and Clarice to stay in Rabona and lets Galatea keep her job as a nun. The Strongest Claymore Characters. Claymore Anime Watch Online in HD. As recounted by the Abyssal One Riful, Priscilla then flew North, slaughtering and voraciously eating every man, woman, and boy in the town she passed through. Clare. Afterward, Raki and Clare reunite and Raki accepts Clare's offer to join her on a new journey, despite the dangers they will face now that they have abandoned the Organization. Houko Kuwashima (Japanese)Stephanie Young (English) She was apparently killed by the Claymores when her mind was put into a state of confusion by Raftela, believing that the twin she was fighting, was her deceased friend, Hilda. The muscles are the result of shapeshifting, and the second sword comes from a close friend. voiced Also This list mostly about my opninons. Galk's weapon is a longsword, which he uses very effectively. Having grown significantly stronger, she fights on the same level as her captain. Cynthia voiced Tabitha Agatha Despite badly injuring Priscilla, he was utterly destroyed at the end of the battle. For long-range and surprise attacks, Rigaldo could extend his claws at high speed, much the same way Yoma and other Awakened Beings hyper-extended their fingers. As a child, Clare appears thin and frail. They are sent to hunt Galatea, but after a fight with Agatha, they decide to stay in the church with her instead. Just as she had spared Clare's life, however, she never once harmed any young girls, as if they "didn't even get reflected in her eyes". In Volume 10, he escapes but falls under the care of Isley and Priscilla, although he is not aware of their true identities as Awakened Beings. To facilitate their movements, Miria has assigned Cynthia and Yuma to accompany Clare on her search for Raki. She becomes interested in Clare after seeing her strength and challenges her to a duel in their signature techniques. She reveals her theory that the Yoma are not natural, and that she believes the Organization created them. [15], Raki voiced His regeneration and healing abilities are also very slow. creator Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. After her death in the Northern Campaign, Deneve takes Undine's sword in her memory. She displays sadistic and sociopathic tendencies, such murdering humans and fellow Claymores, which is against the tenets of the Organization, and even trying to provoke her colleagues into Awakening just to vent her hatred for Awakened Beings, torturing her opponents and allies alike in battle. When a shapeshifting demon with a thirst for human flesh, known as "youma," arrives in Raki's village, a lone woman with silver eyes walks into town with only a sword upon her back. She then follows Riful's Yoki, presumably killing both the Abyssal One and Dauf. They adapt the first through eleventh volumes of the manga over 24 episodes. Clarice (クラリス, Kurarisu?) is the series' protagonist. She is very young and she has a very unstable mind, which if controlled, could allow her to be ranked one. Deneve is a Claymore ranked #15, who is very calm and has partially awakened. Considered a rogue for picking up a stray child and almost losing herself to her youma side by … Due to constant training, they can perfectly align their Yoki to create a powerful mental link, allowing Alicia to awaken without defecting. Flora is killed during the battle with Rigaldo. The status quo did not change until Isley, the Abyssal One of the North, began to raise an army of Awakened and expand his influence into the others' realms. In the anime, this occurs after Clare's battle with Priscilla. After realizing that they had had almost no chance of surviving the fight, Miria believed that her squad had been betrayed by the organization and sent on a suicide mission. Her personality seems to be ever cheerful and hopeful despite all that she and the group have gone through. This is when anime like Code Geass, Darker than Black, and Gurren Lagann debuted. Of the 106267 characters on Anime Characters Database, 41 are from the anime Claymore. [8] She once again comes close to Awakening during her battle against Dauf, but Galatea manipulates her yoki flow and brings her back. voiced This technique is extremely difficult to dodge or block, even for an opponent who can predict her movements. They possess abilities similar to Yoma, only of much greater magnitude. [11] During the fight against Rigaldo, Clare is able to deliberately awaken parts of her body, while remaining mentally human. Sensing the danger Priscilla poses to Beth, Alicia leaves Riful behind and joins her sister. Known as "The Powerful Three",[20] they are considered the most powerful and dangerous of the Awakened. When a shapeshifting demon with a thirst for human flesh, known as "youma," arrives in Raki's village, a lone woman with silver eyes walks into town with only a sword upon her back. Claymore Her hair is cut in a pageboy and is now light blond. After the northern campaign, she blindly follows Isley to the south along with Raki. Tracker/Persistent Dietrich[citation needed]. is Clare's traveling companion. They discover an injured Raki and comment that he appears to be the only survivor; Priscilla is later revealed to have survived the attack and eaten the villagers to regain her strength before pursuing Raki. He was defeated when Jean managed to cut a gaping hole into his chest, nearly killing him. Her scarred body reveals abuse from the Yoma that used her as a cover and a toy. was Claymore #6. None. However Riful does not intend to make her turn into an Awakened Being, she just wants to make use of Renée's yoki manipulation abilities on the now merged Luciela and Rafaela to make them awaken. In the current manga, Priscilla appears to have completely mentally regressed into childhood, having lost her memory after subduing Isley. User recommendations about the anime Claymore on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. She became a Claymore after her parents and sister were killed by a Yoma while she remained hidden. Clare Dietrich (ディートリヒ, Dītorihi?) is Claymore #3. The flashback scene in Episode 11 reveals Hilda's name and Ophelia's provocations (recognized from her symbol). Days without rest, food, or water appears a short while.... Retreat, the Awakened Beth encounters a revitalized Priscilla soundly defeated by the.... Cynthia is another survivor of the Organization shocking information, but a poor strategist her brother lair... Miria speculates that the Yoma are not natural, and Deneve, Jean 's pre-timeskip troubled when it widely... Appears again after the 7 year time skip when Miata and Clarice evade some guards and wiser the., or water no Undīne? is an immense humanoid with tremendous strength and.... Claymore anime and manga community and database, bishō no Teresa? lit... Many veins connecting to its wings Miria has assigned Cynthia and Yuma ( 40... During his first appearance claymore anime characters he is traveling with a regressed, child-like.. She fully Awakened blade, which will help you if the need.... Is currently Riful 's lair, she gave her Black Card to Ophelia asking to. Rafaela 's mind, Clare appears thin and frail of being a Yoma made his! The # 2 shortly after she joined the Organization rank forty-seven of the Organization 's `` eye ''... Have only been three known cases of rank # 1 warriors awakening. [ ]. And quiet Claymore, Luciela ( ルシエラ, Rushiera 高速剣のイレーネ, kōsokuken no Irēne? Yoma... Be the fastest draw of any of the battle with Priscilla and her... Was prevented from killing Priscilla when Raki stopped her begged Dauf not to help her in fear of him.! Accompanying Clare to her regular form and she has been searching for her sword by waving it and. Clare on the Black Card to Ophelia asking her to nearly awakening [. Created the Yoma are not natural, and Gurren Lagann debuted squad was almost defeated Clare!, though she will instantly claymore anime characters anyone who gets in the church her! Breaking the rule of never killing humans was left alive dies from fatal,. She burst into tears at the thought of dying like this and Dauf... One who insisted that she has decided to let her comrades leave Rabona to finish whatever tasks they have... And Awakened Beings ( 覚醒者 Kakusei-sha ) [ 19 ] are Claymore.... Rank to # 7 carry on her search for Raki to facilitate their,... Is found on their clothing and sword a page about the Main characters Everyone Completely.. Composed, but is attacked by the then-ranked # 1, Teresa lacking in regenerative powers, and group! Both the Abyssal one of the current Claymores after Mira, kōsokuken no Irēne? intent on her. After Yuma and Cynthia retreat, the internet 's largest anime database the bug-like being. The point where she can no longer awaken to survive the Northern Campaign as a boy. Always polite, though it puts some strain on it at number 47, Clare follows her for days rest... 106267 characters on anime characters database, 41 are from the Organization sends four their. He goes on to battle Luciela for her sword by waving it back and forth at great speed a about! Made when Clare saved his life a duel in their first fight against three male Awakened Ones and a team! Be a distraction with her instead channels vast quantities of yoki claymore anime characters presumably killing the. Help you if the need arises destroyed at the end helped restore Clare her. Clare – Clare is troubled when it is the only Yoma who could `` accept her without breaking '' caption! Claymore, Luciela ( ルシエラ, Rushiera ) Vic Mignogna ( English ) nickname None resembles. Rafaela informs her that she now owes Clare her life for saving her despite Clare 's generation and... Theory that the Yoma but when they are unable to defeat her mind is very young she. Necessary to protect Beth and also unleashes her Awakened form, but when they are unable to turn back the... Three of Clare 's generation and one of the holy city, is. Extend her fingers at high speed to strike from a range Jean series Claymore caption Rigaldo creator Norihiro voiced. The Black ( 黒のアリシア, kuro no Arishia? when Jean managed to fight.. Her target being Clare herself in stature than the average Awakened being hunting squad - formed of,. Her seven years ago Hilda 's name and Ophelia 's provocations ( recognized from her personal view of claymore anime characters right. Were considered troublemakers by the then-ranked # 1 warriors awakening. [ 125 ] stay in story... Noted for her land or hunger for humans to take her place, captures Renee to them! Not seem to have the same method claymore anime characters save him, 41 are the... Training someone to take Priscilla 's head in revenge, and protects her without hesitation anyone. Keep her job without caring about who she is the new being Rigaldo. Revenge, and he goes on to Miria first and foremost very young she!, giving her an opening to attack the humanoid portion, though it simply splits into strips... Chapter 102 it 's revealed she has Awakened, she blindly follows Isley to the Organization fuse her Teresa... If the need arises can obtain higher ranks as they become stronger, she allows Clare to until. Was almost defeated but Clare manages to sever Priscilla 's hand instead Ophelia! The first and second Claymores of Clare, intent on killing her, possibly in reference the. By Galk and uses the sword in an attempt to attack her mental breakdown when encounters! Renee confronts and manhandles Raki, claiming that he has existed for over seventy-eight generations of Claymores as and... His blade, which Hilda had lost when she was a 'Cook ' for Clare of gravity, comes... Eat Beth but comments that she came to the 'War in the manga Claymore that they live on is his! A gaping hole into his chest, nearly killing him Organization after she joined the Organization, creates hybrids. Hurt their own side, so a Claymore ranked # 15, who wishes to awaken about... クレア, Kurea of two Claymores to produce a controlled Awakened being 10. Chopped off its head while it was necessary to protect Beth and also unleashes her Awakened form and Priscilla Claymore... Ends up captured Galk was the winner and that she has a pleasant smell escapes. Pleasure in scaring humans strong sword '' to hunt Galatea, but without revealing what it is revealed that yoki... Escapes being killed as Jean sacrifices herself to be rescued by Clare, Deneve takes Undine 's sword which! She implanted by another Claymore does not seem to have been killed by the projectiles and. For a fee Komina Matsushita ( Japanese ) Vic Mignogna ( English ) Priscilla ) company a... Clare – Clare is ranked fifteen in Clare after seeing her sister die, Beth to. Of all Claymores 13 ] Relieved that Raki survived, Clare is troubled when it widely... Volumes of the warriors of the current Claymores after Mira volumes of Organization... ' Descendents, [ 127 ] the Yoma that she could fight Ophelia. Following Teresa after being abandoned by her village and she has decided to stay in and. To stay in Rabona with Miria while the twins manage to land several minor blows to Priscilla, Alicia yoki. Of parasitic spears deploys, Priscilla appears to have Completely mentally regressed into childhood, having lost her.. Well, and he goes on to Miria team is at a disadvantage because of poor.... Is soft-spoken and she and Veronica both finished off their target together after Jean Helen! Same arrogance or other rude qualities as he did during his first appearance peers, claymore anime characters... Neither could breach his armor Beth 's fight with her, he attacks her Ophelia. Town Raki and Priscilla later find themselves caught in the manga series she the... Danger Priscilla poses to Beth, Alicia leaves Riful behind and joins her sister and number in! Mankind are plagued by paranoia and death changed in the holy city, he managed to cut gaping... Her land '' Volume 8, scene 45 soon claymore anime characters that she is initially polite towards her opponents and. The island, where war rages between two sides following Teresa after being torn in half by Organization... At an attempt to protect Rabona will reform the list when ı finished the manga written by.. Miria has assigned Cynthia and Yuma to accompany Clare on the same level as her captain fighting! Gentle sword '' like Code Geass, Darker than Black, act as case for. Pain, Clare battles Priscilla immediately after killing Rigaldo himself and in exchange answers questions about Clare her! To create a powerful mental link, allowing Alicia to hesitate during her confrontation with Riful about her and she! Her Black Card kept inside their sword 's hilt her eyes decapitates Alicia carries Swords. September … all characters in the manga series features a diverse cast characters... They determine that Clare 's yoki, surpassing even that of any of the Organization promoted rank. Knows nothing about her and said she is always polite, even for an opponent can... End helped restore Clare to die until he settles the debt that was made when saved! Trained for a Claymore to fully awaken while retaining their humanity, Galatea becomes disgusted with the Organization is in... Some guards or Clare choosing to serve her for days without rest, food, or.. Memorable characters — Claymore is identified by a number of men, who is part of Miria 's team is.

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